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[news] Even if you have stolen the whole Nigeria, once you join APC, you are safe- Obasanjo says in new interview

Baba iyabo the same thing (even worse) happened in PDP. However inspite of the fact that I am no supporter of any of the two parties, my take is that both parties are one and the same - corruption, maneuverings hypocrisy at its worst etc. Only difference one is better albeit just a little. In addition to this, baba , Nigerians would really appreciate if you could please stop heating up the polity with your utterances. Are u not an elder? Can't u exercise some decorum as an elder, former president and be more statemanly in your approach to issues you have with our president whom you (according to some quaters) foisted on us? What kind of legacy are you laying for the Nigerian youth and the generality of Nigerians. Truth be told sir, you are not being matured in handling the situation on ground. Irrespective of political alienation, I don't think you as an elder (statesman for that matter) should resort to gutter rhetorics. After all you laid the foundation for the situation on ground and expanded the current imbroglio. We beg of you baba iyabo, STOP heating up d polity. Baba na only u waka come? All d fmr presidents de dem no talk, y only u? Babangida (u no fit harrass) , abacha ( u no fit), addulsalam (same) but Jonathan - u scatter so tey u tear ur party card, Buhari come - u convinced us to vote for and now wey tory change, u dey hala again. Biko nnu, e don do sir. Haba!!! Minini? Kilode gan na? Mama Jay, I no talk again o.

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