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Read2Earn Income is a two earning opportunity division

Read2Earn Ads Revenue [RAR] – Users/Members of RAR earns by login in to their account daily,reading news,comment,create well structured post,sharing sponsored post on social media,participating in quiz and other features the platform will be introduced later on.
Read2Earn Affiliate program [RAP] – Users/Members of RAP are those who successfully complete their registration which means you automatically become a RAP member, As a RAP member, you can earn huge amount anytime another RAP member is registered through your assigned affiliate link which will be generated under AFFILIATE AREA.
As a RAP, you stand a chance to earn #700 for you every referral.
we operate a transparent platform.


  • Welcome bonus                                              #250
  • Daily login                                                        #70
  • Sponsored post                                                #100
  • Comment per post                                              #5
  • Viewing post                                                        #2
  • Creating post  X3                                              #100
  • Participating in quiz                                          #100
  • Referral                                                              #700
  • Uploading profile picture                               #50
  • Uploading cover photo                                   #50
  • Adding friends                                                  #5
with the above analysis,you could be earning #20,000 every 2weeks even without referrals.

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