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Valentine's Day: 14 Gifts You Can Buy With N500 For Your Girlfriend

Valentine's Day: 14 Gifts You Can Buy With N500 For Your Girlfriend

As the economic recession continues to bite harder, Nigerians are finding it hard to afford the luxuries they are used to and some cannot even do the things they used to do. Valentine’s Day is here again.
Everybody knows that it is that day women are expecting their men to spoil them silly with gifts and if they fail to do it, there will be trouble. Being that there is recession, some men cannot buy their ladies those expensive gifts anymore, neither can they take them out on a romantic dinner.

Complaining about his predicament, an anonymous man wrote: “Due to the economic recession, I am broke. Unlike previous Valentines that I used to take my girlfriend to exotic places, this time around, I can't afford that luxury, because as I am typing this message, I have just N500 with me.

And I really want to buy something for my girlfriend as Valentine gift. Advice, please what can I buy?” There is not much that N500 can buy now but it can buy a few things. If you are in the same situation with this man, here are things that you can buy for your girlfriend with N500.
1. Locally made bangle 
If she is someone who loves bangles, you can get get her one of those locally made bangles.
2. Pants 
Who needs a Victoria Secret pant when you can get the one of N200 in any market.
3. Rose 
There are cheap roses everywhere. Just buy her one and spray it with one of your perfumes.
4. Jewelry
Most girls love jewelries and there are cheap jewelries that N500 can buy.
5. Recharge card 
This is very easy. You do not have to go to the market. You can get recharge card any and everywhere.
6. Chocolate and cake 
There is bounty, snickers, mars and the rest. Cupcakes are also not expensive.
7. Greeting card 
You can buy her a card with a strong message that can convey your feelings. You can also write how you feel in the card.
8. Ice cream 
It is not every time you will buy expensive ice cream. Sometimes, try the cheap ones. They are not bad at all.
9. Fruits 
Fruits are good for her health and may help reduce the risk of many diseases. Help her keep fit.
10. Date night in 
Since you cannot afford to take her out, invite her to your house and you could have a date night in, watching movies together.
11. Cook for her 
We know that N500 cannot cook a good meal with chicken and all sorts. You can make indomie with vegetables.
12. Hang out at a park 
Your presence alone is more than enough for her. Just promise her that next year's Valentine’s Day will be better.
13. Rubber slippers, sandals 
Rainy season is approaching. She will need those rubber slippers which can survive the season without getting spoilt.
14. Just explain things to her 
You do not have to buy her anything. Tell her the situation of things. If you cannot tell your girlfriend you are broke, then there is a problem.
Remember, Valentine’s Day is a day to show love and not a time to outdo yourself, trying to impress anybody. It is not a MUST to buy gifts. Just stick to your budget and keep the fun real.

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