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Health: Use of Coconut Oil In Human Body

Coconut oil can be homemade and can also be bought from supermarkets and organic distributors. Coconut oil is edible and also rich in fat and to a large extent has multiple uses. It is one of the vastly popular oils in recent times because it can be used in various ways like supporting weight loss, cooking and it is even beneficial to the health.  
Coconut oil is a must have in every household.
Here are ways coconut oil can be used:
1. Weight loss­- Coconut oil helps to increase one’s metabolism and when it is added to one’s diet, it can help lose fat.
2. Improves oral hygiene- Coconut oil helps fight bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay and other tooth related infections.
3.Cooking- Coconut oil has the capacity to withstand high cooking temperatures and has become the alternative oil for frying and even baking.
4. Hair care- Coconut oil is great for the hair as it aids hair growth. It also contains minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the hair.
5. Skin care- It helps to keep the skin hydrated and can serve as a moisturizer.

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