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2019 Trick: How to Earn Huge With Google Admob (Latest Working Guide)

2019 Trick: How to Earn Huge With Google Admob (Latest Working Guide)

google admob trick

Hello Friends?

I know some of us must have heard about admob earning which works with apps unlike adsense which works with websites.

Recent discoveries have it that most app developers have created earning apps and integrated admob into it to maximise their earnings.

On a norm, you can only earn as low as $0.8- $5.0 daily unless your app have large amount of clicks and impressions which at times is hard persuading people to install and click on ads on your application talk more of installing.

Never mind, those are one of the set backs that made me almost loose hope in making money from google admob, but, i finally got a breakthrough and I'll share it with you.

Today, i will be unveil the secret on how to Earn Big with Google Admob Self click App. I will provide you with all the basic knowledge required to start earning with admob at no cost.

But, Before i continue; i would like to introduce Google Admob to the newbies on this page.

What is Google Admob?

Google Admob as i said earlier is simply an advertising centre for Googe used to promote and monetize  mobile applications. It allows app owners to monetize their apps and also provide them with intelligent insights via google analytics.

Having known this, let's show you how to create a new google admob account...

How to Open a Google Admob Account

Simply do these...

1. Open your web browser and navigate to admob home page by visiting >

2. Click on the sign up button which is placed visibly at the right hand side.

3. Choose the desired email which you want your admob account to be created with {(gmail Only)

4. On then next page, select your country as (Nigeria), and time zone (UTC +05:30) Lagos}

5. Under currency, select USD($)

6. Agree to stated terms and conditions

7. click on Create an Admob Account.

8. Now, you'll be redirected to your admob dashboard where you'll see your earnings, stats and co,

9. Click on Apps on the left side of your dashboard, scroll down to "ADD YOUR FIRST APP"

10. You'll be asked if you've published your app to Play store or App  Store? Click on "NO"

11. In app name, give whatever name you can remember to your app  and tick on "Android" under platform section then click on add.

12. Next, click on "CREATE ADD UNIT"

13. After this you have to select Ad unit i.e Banner, Interstitial e.t.c

After following the above steps you've successfully created and admob account.

But Wait,

What of the app on which the ads will run on?, Do i have to pay an app developer to create an app for me before i can start earning?

We've got you covered on that as we'll show you step by step guides on how to create your own Auto Earning App, integrate admob to it and start earning within 10mins.

* How to Create Your Own Google Admob Earning App

Creating your android app shouldn't bother you as we'll try as much as possible to summarise it, the steps below will surely work for all except your village people dey drum for you.

1. First, You have to download Apk Editor Here

2. Secondly, Download Editable Apk App by Lukastech Here

3. Install both applications and launch Apk Editor

4. Click on select Apk from Apps

5. Locate the editable Apk by Lukastechs {ULEH} and click on it.

6. Click on full edit (Resource Rebuild)

7. Then click on decode all files.

8. Then, scroll down, locate admob_interstial_id

9. scroll down again and also locate banner_ad_unit_id

10. Replace with the corresponding ad unit given to you in your admob account.

11. After making changes, click on Build at the top right hand side.

12. Lastly, click on install so that changes will take effect.

* How to Click Admob ads without being Banned.

The trick behind making huge money from google admob is by clicking on your own ads with the use of a trusted Vpn... Yes! Legit VPN

We all know VPN is a virtual private network that provides online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public network eg Wifi Hotspots and Internet connections. Vpns mask your IP while surfing online.

It will make it look as though your from another country, and you need to know that you'll need to use the VPN to target countries with High Cpc (cost-per-click)

We'll few among the best and you Can see more list HERE.

  1. Express VPN
  2. Turbor VPN
  3. Windscribe VPN
  4. Hide My Ass VPN

The above listed VPNs are personally recommended by me to ensure standard security.

* How to Click on your Ads with a VPN

As i said earlier, nothing comes on a platter of Gold , so you have to secure all your activities to avoid being banned.

1. Firstly, Launch your VPN and connect to High CPC countries like USA, Canada, UK e.t.c

2. Open the app and allow the ads to pop up,stay on the ads for like one minute and close the app {don't click}.

3. Repeat step 2 for like 8-10 times

4. Click on any ads

5. Clear your browser Cookies and Cache.

6. Clear VPN and app cookies to avoid tracking.

7. Connect the VPN to another high CPC country and repeat the above process.

8. Do it maximum of 14-15 times daily.

* Precautions to Take While Running Admob Clicks

1. Do not use chrome as default browser and this is so because you can be tracked by Google who is the owner of both platforms.

2. Do not click ads that directs to Google Play Store: doing this will make tracking easier via your mail.

3. Click Without VPN: At times try clicking on the ads without making use of the VPN.

I don't want to make this post longer than this, just Bear it in mind that the above illustrations is all required  for you to make money with Admob self click.

If I'm chanced I'll update how to get automated page views to increase your earnings {Comments will determine}.

Share, Comment, and bookmark this page if you found the above tutorial helpful and to also get updated on any changes made on this article.

If in any way you encountered any glitches while setting up your admob account; always feel free to drop a comment below and we'll respond almost immediately.

Remember, you need a PayPal Account that can send and recieve funds(recommended) to cash-out from admob.

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