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[ Music ] Billi OT - HURT US

This Young Kid Billi, Is A Devoted Artist, Or Should I Say A Musically Inclined Artist But That Could Surely Be An Understatement Cuz The Young Kid Is Way More Blessed With A Good Voice, He Has A Mindset Of A True Musician, He Speaks On Views, Indicates On Reality, Communicate With Truths, & Mostly Verbalise With Facts.

Here’s What His Producer Said To Him After The Song Was Recorded

Billi: After The Recording Was Done, The Producer Said To Me.
(In Quote)
“Billi, This Ain’t Nothing Like The Country’s Rhymes & Flows.
You Will Get There Kid I Believe In You But Mostly, Believe In Yourself”
I Became Speechless For Few Minutes & Uttered To Him ” I Will Never Let You Down” And That’s A Promise to everybody.

Here’s The Link To The Song

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