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[Music] Biotruth - Baby Na Confirm

[Music] Biotruth - Baby Na Confirm


BOITRUTH  “Baby Na Confim” Was released on the 10th of August, 2019 to mixed reactions from music fans. The song which many people believed was an act of desperation from Boitruth in other to score a hit song wasn’t really met with reactions that preached enthusiasm.

Although it didn’t deter it from getting a lot of streams as well as radio airplay, it quickly washed off in the faces and hearts of people like it never was released in the first place. However, there was a group that believed it was going to be a really huge jam as time wore on, but it quickly proved a heavily inaccurate proposition as almost everyone aside from unapologetically loyal Boitruth fans.
The fact that Boitruth believed the word Baby Na Confirm would metamorphose into pop culture was dealt a huge blow as it was not in any way welcomed the way he had hoped. When Baby Na Confirm was released, it was immediately followed up with a video which has done really bad considering that some videos that were released during the time of its own release have reached 10 million YouTube views while it only has just over 2.8 million views

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