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Lagos Man Dies In Girlfriend’s Room After Taking Drugs To Make Him Last On Bed

A young man based in Lagos identified as Kolade has died after taking stimulants to boost his libido and enable him last longer on bed.

The man went to visit his girlfriend actually in her one room apartment at Oshodi.

So after he was served a sumptuous lunch by the girlfriend, they processed to sleep with each other.

The lady went into the bathroom to probably wash up, be clean and prepare for the task ahead.

Unfortunately, when she returned, she found her boyfriend lying dead.

A close observation showed the guy who was hypertensive had taken an overdose of aphrodisiac to last longer in bed.

Hence, he suffered a heart attack and slumped.

The police arrived and arrested the bereaved girlfriend for murder.

An autopsy  was done upon request by the girl’s family and it revealed that the guy was hypertensive and he took strong stimulants leading to heart attack causing his death.

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