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Woman caught red handed cheating


It was an unfortunate day for the woman as she was caught alongside a man having s£x. The man who is also married was busted red-handed having s£x with a married woman who from the photo that has since gone viral is herd being called by the name of Mai Prince.

The woman identified as Mai Prince in a video circulating on social media, is said to be married and had lied to the man that her husband had passed away.

Sources say the two, who are neighbours, had a long-standing relationship even though Mai Prince was a neighbour and an associate of Baba Theresa’s wife who we will call Mai Theresa for now. In the photo, the two lovebirds are shown being confronted by a group of people suspected to be Baba Prince and his friends.

The man openly admits that he is married and didn’t know Mai Prince was married. He said he thought they had left each other, he even thought the husband was dead.

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